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Here at Rice University, we are so hoping that the weather stays this beautiful. Imagine playing Quidditch under that clear blue sky!








didn’t the goblet of fire cover this

because how else would Ireland win but krum catch the snitch

actually in prisoner of Azkaban, didn’t Gryffindor need a certain amount of points to proceed to the finals, and that’s why Oliver Wood told Harry to wait until they had scored a certain amount of points before he caught the snitch?

Catching the snitch ends the game and is worth the most points, but it doesn’t guarantee a win. Just like tumblr user samuel-vimes said, Krum caught the snitch at the World Cup Finals, but Ireland still won in the end because they still had more points.

Also the way the ranking system works in the international quidditch league, and I assume at Hogwarts, according to JK Rowlings new reveal, is that teams are awarded a certain amount of points based on the amount of points a team wins by and thats how they are ranked against each other. Rowling said that a win by 150 points = 5 points, 100 points = 3 points, 50 points = 1 point, and a winner of a tie is whoever caught the snitch the quickest. So theoretically a team that only catches the snitch but wins by a margin of less than 50 points is awarded no points and might as well of not caught thats why Wood told Harry to wait until they were up a certain number of points in order to increase their overall ranking and win the cup.

And gosh, a good chunk of you people claim to hate sports.

We do hate sports. All the ones that don’t involve flying broomsticks and slightly murderous balls that try to knock you off them.

On the other hand, we lovesports that involve running around with a broomstick between our legs and hitting other people with not-so-murderous balls. #MuggleQuidditch

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Anonymous said: Hello! I think it's amazing you guys do Quidditch. (I'm hoping to join, myself!) What if you've never played a sport in your life? How would you get around in Quidditch and would you even accept me on your team?

Sorry for the late answer! We have been pretty inactive on social media all summer, but are hoping to change that with the start of the new year.

My initial response is: please, please join and we would love to have you on the team!

But to answer your questions, athletic background, or lack thereof, definitely does not preclude someone from joining the team. Actually, something I like about quidditch is how open it is to people from all athletic backgrounds. We have players on our teams who have been involved in all sorts of sports growing up, while others have picked up quidditch as a first sport. Most people who get into quidditch in college have never played quidditch before, so everybody pretty much starts with the same clean slate of experience. Quidditch is very community-focused, so more-experienced players are always willing to help the less-experienced players. Also, because there are different positions in quidditch that serve very different roles, there should be something for all potential quidkids.

We will have a booth at the student activities fair when school starts, so be sure to come by if you have any more questions. We’ll also definitely be having a first practice during the first weeks of classes. And if you want to know any more, definitely leave another question here, or you can email us at ricequidditch@gmail.com!

How is everyone’s summer going??

Spending a lot of time on Tumblr?

Rice Quidditch had a great scrimmage practice with UH! UH is a brand new team, and they did pretty well for their first time playing another team.

Our new players did a great job, too.

We are excited for Breakfast Taco next weekend!



How is everyone?

i for one have way too much homework but i’m super pumped for tuesday!!

Well, we hope you had a blast!

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How is everyone?

andtheclocksaid said: Hey! When's the first practice/info meeting?

Hello! We will be having our first practice today at 4pm in from of the Martel “sallyport.” It is between Jones, Martel, and West (McMurtry/Duncan) servery. Our information sessions will be September 3rd and 4th at 8pm in Sewall 305. Hope to see you there! -Kiara

Person: so you play quidditch? you should tell me about it!
me: how much time do you have

QuidKid Profile: Joyce

Joyce Jones is an excellent beater and proud Slytherpuff (both a Slytherin and Hufflepuff ).  While some may think Slytherpuff an oxymoron or even question why one would willing be Hufflepuff when they could easily be a much cooler Slytherin, being a Slytherpuff captures Joyce’s personality perfectly.  Off the pitch she is extremely kind and always sporting her brilliant smile. On the pitch however, she plays with all the ferocity of a hoard of angry dragons.  She will annihilate any beater who dares to get in her way in order to maintain bludger control, and if you’re not on her team she won’t hesitate to take you out with a bludger.  In fact, one of her favorite quidditch memories is bludging Brian Stevens in the face at SHSU’s Tiki Tournament.    In her free time, Joyce enjoys reading, dancing, and listening to music.  She is an expert gif finder, especially ones with cats (They don’t call her the “cat lady” for nothing), and overall just a cool person to be around. For a preview, see below.